Frequent questions

Information that will help you

You need to be an adult (18 years old) and to know swimming.

You will need your personal ID card or your passport or your driving license.

You have to choose the boat you like based on your needs. For high season period (July – August), it would be preferable to check the availability of the boat by contacting us.  The day of the cruise, you come to the starting point, check the boat and sign the agreement and the list of the contents of the boat. 

You can use all the boats of SmileBoats as the engine is 30Hp and there is no need for license. 

In any case, it would be better for you to have experience, however, handling the boat is quite easy and after the necessary training we provide you before each rental, it becomes even easier.

During the training, before the departure, we will mention to you all the dangerous points (reefs, rocks, shallow water, etc.) of the area, as well as the distances and safety measures that you should observe when removing and approaching the mainland or elsewhere. The Gps navigator combined with the sonar will also help you avoid dangerous places and situations.

All the SmileBoats are insured for bodily harm, property damage to third parties and marine pollution.

No. The damage of the boat because of your own fault is your responsibility.  The charges in case of damage or loss of the boat are mentioned in the inventory form which you should sing before the departure.

According to law, people who do not know swimming they should not get in the boat. However, all the boats are equipped with all the necessary  rescue supplies provided by law (adult and child life jackets, flares, smoke, etc.) as well as some more for your own safety and the safety of the boat.

In the area, there is 4G coverage for all the mobile networks.

Each boat of SmileBoats offers wireless portable transceiver of Marine type for your safety. 

The boats of SmileBoats are the only ones in the area that are equipped with GPS Navigators 6” in order to know at any time:

  1. Where you are every moment.
  2. What the depth is.
  3. Where the dangerous points are and if you approach them (rocks, shallow water, etc.)
  4. Where you have to return the boat after the cruise.

Yes, we know. Except of GPS Navigator, the boat is equipped also with GPS Tracker, which let us know your position every moment. Please be sure that we can be easily next to you when it is needed.

You receive the boat with the tank of gasoline full. On your return we count together the remaining liters of gasoline left in the container and you pay only the amount of gasoline you consumed.