Boat Rental - Taxi

Halkidiki is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Greece. The reason is the
countless beaches with the clear blue water. Many of the beaches are accessible by car.
Unfortunately the most beautiful are not. We are here to find a solution to this problem.
With the services of SmileBoats you can visit the most beautiful beaches in the area of
Vourvourou and the complex of islands around called “Diaporos”. Boat rental, Taxi? The choise is yours!


Boat Rental without license

Rent the boat you like and meet your needs from the newest and most equipped boats in the area and after the necessary training you are ready to enjoy your day as a new captain.

taxi boat

Taxi Service

If you do not feel ready to operate a boat, and boat rental seems hard for you, with the Taxi service we can take you to some of the beautiful beaches in the area, which we will suggest to you or you prefer.